Who we are

BIESSE’s goal is to offer its partners the best solutions, opportunities and services which allow them to develop their businesses.

A look to
the future

Biesse has always implemented medium and long-term development plans in the distribution market which enables it to differentiate itself and offer a tailor-made service to its customers.

The company has chosen to offer an added value to its partners which allows them to develop their business and create innovative business strategies thanks to specific technical skills.

Ambitious projects
need solid

Having collaborated for over ten years with employees, suppliers and customers is proof of the solidity of the relationships on which the company is based. The human factor has always been taken into careful consideration. Partnerships go beyond the classic customer/supplier relationship, creating strong and lasting synergies over time.

Our values:
expertise, professionalism
and assistance

The company has been characterized from the very beginning for its training and information in the technical and commercial fields for both staff and its customers. A demanding choice that has enabled the group to become one of the major national players in the distribution of electrical equipment.

A success built together



Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Albania and Kosovo


Branches and commercial offices

to offer a greater presence


Sqm of fully covered




in the group

Keeping up with the times to
meet your every need

BIESSE has always desired and invested in, having specific skills in each sector in which it operates. The one true value that the company possesses and continuously cultivates is its know-how: by creating precise technical and commercial growth paths for its staff, an even
higher level of service can be achieved in a sector where the technological progress of products marketed appears to be in continuous and rapid evolution.

Our story:
over 40 years of success, values and people

BIESSE is the go-to company in the field of electrical equipment distribution. For over 40 years our business has been founded on the values of quality, reliability and expertise. By anticipating the times and focusing on innovation, we have reached some important milestones. Our customers can rely on helpful, trained staff that will look after them.

Everything you need without
forgetting who you are

BIESSE’s strong points in the sector are customized solutions, flexibility and expertise. We are committed to guaranteeing a comprehensive, personalized service based on your needs.

Efficiency paired
with sustainability

Our centralized warehouse not only uses high efficiency and regenerative technologies but has a photovoltaic system that has an annual production of over 800,000kWh which results in the structure having zero impact on the environment due to the fact that it self-produces more energy than it needs.

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