Photovoltaic and
Climate control


All the necessary elements for energy independence in one specialized division

The in-depth knowledge regarding both the self-powered or mains-powered home generation and that of the large power plants built on land or in industrial areas and the use of the same for air conditioning in both winter and summer is undeniable.

For this reason, BIESSE decided to merge the two divisions, thus offering market solutions that allowed energy independence to be achieved both in new buildings and in the recovery of existing ones.

We help you develop every opportunity available with the use of new technology

  • RES training courses
  • F-Gas license issue courses
  • On-site inspections
  • Preliminary and executive design of photovoltaic systems
  • Stand-alone systems
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Plant sizing
  • Energy storage
  • Specification development

Is your photovoltaic system underproduced? We can help!

BIESSE offers performance verification to its customers who already have a system in place. Once the verification has been completed using special simulators, BIESSE proposes both partial and total revamping in order to maximize its performance. These proposals are complemented by specific economic analyses to verify the sustainability of the proposed interventions.

Options for areas not connected to an electricity grid

BIESSE offers stand-alone solutions able to offer the energy autonomy necessary for buildings or public lighting systems which are located in areas out of electricity grid reach, thanks to photovoltaic generators and ad hoc sized storage units according to the load.

ACS - Zero cost

BIESSE exhibits revolutionary solutions on the market, thanks to the use of innovative load management systems and the combination of photovoltaic and heat pump systems which by using the daily excess energy produced, allows the production of domestic hot water at no cost.

We distribute the best brands on the Photovoltaic and Climate Control market