Innovative lighting solutions that enhance any environment

When combined with material surfaces and various different environments, light modifies the perception of space, enhances architectural solutions and creates safe, comfortable, unifying places. In both built and unbuilt spaces, light is a huge part of our lives and needs specific consideration when in the project phase; a quality that Studio Luce has prided itself on for the last thirty years when proposing lighting options to its customers.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, Studio Luce and its team of architects and Lighting Designers is committed to providing innovative solutions aimed at enhancing spaces and architecture with its main objective being to improve the health and well-being of the people who live and work in the environments in which it operates.

We offer a service that meets every need

  • Site inspection
  • Samples for field tests
  • Design, lighting calculation and virtual representations
  • Economic evaluation and energy saving
  • Executive projects
  • On site technical support during installation
  • After-sales service
  • Partnerships with the main brands in the sector
  • Refresher courses and visits to production sites for professionals

Attention to detail and values: how we make the difference

Innovation, passion, openness, curiosity, imagination, creativity and resourcefulness are the values on which Studio Luce founded its way of thinking and working. The foundations of its business and the reasons for its success come down to attention to detail during the design phase, putting people first, empathy, collaboration and mutual trust.

When light becomes
essential to architecture

When designed and used correctly, light can completely change our perception of our surroundings. Light can make spaces more attractive and comfortable, it can make them seem bigger, safer, airier and more stimulating. Thanks to its renowned team of architects and designers, BIESSE can design light for any purpose.


Our team carries out three-dimensional simulations of the lighting solutions we propose. Clients can already experience the emotions evoked by the lighting and get a real sense of perception of the final result at the design phase, thanks to careful attention to detail and the team’s remarkable use of the most sophisticated design tools.

We distribute the best brands on the lighting technology market