Drive & Motion


Motion Control specialists

The Drive & Motion department was set up to offer highly specialized advice to machine builders and end-users in the Motion Control sector.

Our distinctive feature is a 360° approach for a complete service starting from the analysis and feasibility study to identify the best solution through the most effective products according to the specific needs, to the support in the machine or system start-up phase.

We respond quickly, while operating directly at the customer’s headquarters, to solve any technical and commercial problems in the mechatronic field, such as the sizing of motors and gearboxes, as well as the choice of Motion Control, CPU technological axes, PLC, HMI, sensors, actuators, cables, servo-drive and inverters.

Automation distributor with a 360° approach

  • Automation distributor with a 360° approach
  • Sizing of motors and gearboxes
  • Development of Motion solutions and Collaborative Robots
  • Advice for revamping
  • Selection of Motion Control system
  • Analysis and drafting of bespoke configurations
  • 4.0 logic – IoT & Cloud Connectivity

Our approach: co-design and ongoing support

We do not only listen to your needs, but we also provide you regular support on the spot. The first step is a survey of your premises to carry out a complete analysis of your machine or system, so that we can create the best configuration for the required application and help you step-by-step also in the implementation and start-up of the proposed solution.

Trustworthy partner of builders and end-users

Are you developing a new machine? Do you need to revamp an existing one? Or would you like to replace your machine fleet? Our Drive & Motion team will develop for you the most effective solution from a technical and cost-benefit point of view, while helping you assess the best sector brands. You can rely on the advice of a dedicated specialist with a real expertise in Motion Control, constantly updated on the most innovative options on the market.

Custom made solutions based on a 4.0 logic

Improving performance, reducing energy consumption, optimizing motor sizing, extending a machine life, implementing new technologies: whatever your goal or need is, our Motion Control specialists can help you develop new industrial automation projects fully customized and compliant with Industry 4.0.

We distribute the best brands on the Drive&Motion marked