BIESSE is recognized as one of the major specialist distributors in this sector

Various services are offered: from programming courses to assistance in a project’s development phase; from the search for discontinued spare parts to product conversion.
Dedicated personnel with specific skills in Motion and collaborative robotics for the construction of high-performance systems complete this team of technicians.

These are exactly the reasons why this group is one of a handful of certified distributors on the national territory for many of the main producers in the sector.

We help you develop every opportunity available with the use of new technology:

  • Programming, technical training and machine safety courses
  • Development of customized solutions and architectures for Motion and Collaborative Robots
  • Intrinsic safety (Ex)
  • Augmented Reality and Artificial Vision Solutions
  • Tracking systems
  • Logic 4.0 – IoT & Cloud Connectivity

Industry 4.0

We are the ideal partner for end users and machine builders; from verifying 4.0 logic requirements and implementing the necessary technologies, up to the sworn appraisal for accessing tax benefits.

Looking for a trustworthy partner?

BIESSE meets all the requirements necessary to be among one of the few distributors in the national territory with the added value of the Siemens brand.

Handling specialists

Our team of industry experts boasts many years of experience in the world of motion and collaborative robotics; areas in which the highest expression of industrial automation is represented to date.

We distribute the best brands on the Industrial Automation market