From power panels to industrial automation panels, BIESSE experts are the ideal partner.

BIESSE has responded to its customers’ ever-increasing demand to develop turnkey solutions; starting with the specifications through to the delivery phase by incorporating a team of highly qualified specialists in their switchboard department.
The service is made up of personnel who were involved in the technical and regulatory preparation project for several years before being able to fully satisfy market demand.

Thanks to continuous training courses at the largest manufacturers on the market, BIESSE’s group of experts represent the ideal partner for designers, cablers, suppliers and end users who can rely on and interact with this specific field.

We help you develop every opportunity available with the use of new technology:

  • Offer specification development
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Configuration optimization
  • Periodic technical regulatory updates
  • Interlinked and automation switchboard
  • Wide choice of solutions from the world’s largest producers
  • Power Center

Interconnected switchboards

For the most demanding customers we offer the option of converting standard framework projects to those which are connected and smart, thus offering a wide range of advanced features such as: energy management, protection switch operation and status verification, predictive maintenance planning of devices and much more.

Configuration optimization

Thanks to our experience forged in the field and the collaboration with leading component suppliers, we are able to optimize design configurations thus offering you the best value for money whilst maintaining performance requirements.

We distribute the best brands on the Switchboard market