Flexibility to market change is what has always distinguished us.

Our organization

Biesse’s capillary organizational structure allows it to respond to every need quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to our experts, we are able to offer rapid activity development, problem resolution and a personalized service to those who collaborate with us.

Biesse is organized into multiple areas of expertise

  • Commercial
  • Acquired
  • Marketing
  • Administration and Finance
  • Management Control
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics
  • E.D.P.

Always by our
customers’ side

A commercial network that is structured on various levels with complete coverage of the territory in which the company operates.
  • External sales representatives for developing new opportunities
  • Internal operators present in each store that process offers and manage orders.
  • Sales people at the counter for immediate purchases
  • Area Commercial Managers coordinating activities in the area
  • Commercial technicians to support customers and the sales network

We are ready
for any request