Security and
fire safety


There is a range of increasingly integrated, complete security solutions available today; from the most common domestic systems to the most articulated centralized ones.

The issue of safety is certainly becoming more apparent in everyday life which is why the company wanted to offer its partners knowledge, services and support so that they could face their customers’ increasingly complex requests in the best possible way.

CCTV, access control, fire prevention, facial recognition and thermal & plate readers. This is all thanks to dedicated staff who were constantly present throughout; from the supervision of the design phase to the system configuration phase, ending with technical assistance service.

We help you develop every opportunity available with the use of new technology

  • Fire safety and gas detection systems
  • Plant start-up both locally and remotely
  • Thermal detectors
  • CCTV systems
  • Sound evacuation systems
  • Automatic opening and access control
  • Instrumentation for the periodic inspection of smoke and gas detection systems
  • Anti-theft solutions
  • Regulatory refresher courses

EN54 System Tests

Long-term management of a range of equipment essential for carrying out periodic proper functioning tests on both gas and smoke detection systems as required by EN54 standards.

Voice evacuation systems for the safety of everyone

BIESSE stands alongside the best brands on the market as the main partner for the design, supply and start-up of voice evacuation systems. These are essential for managing emergency situations in places with a large public presence such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, railway stations and sports centers.

ISEO access control system

A wide range of access control options; from simple bollards to smart automatic doors with facial recognition. Customized solutions designed for remote opening and control via APP, even in the absence of power supply. We have options to meet every need.

We distribute the best brands on the Security and Fire Safety market